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Profit (prof-it) noun: advantage or benefit
excess of returns over expenses...

Unless you are a professional football afficionado, it is unlikely that you’ve heard about Joe Profit. Most of us have one reaction when we hear the name Dr. Joe Profit; we think, “Can that really be his name?” It seems all too fitting that one of the most prominent businessmen in America could have a surname that literally defines financial success. But Joe Profit’s story is about much more than his success in the National Football League (NFL) and the business field, it is about success in all fields of his life including health and wellness.

Dr. Joe Profit is a well-known national and international personality thanks to his contributions in sport, business, multimedia, literary production, and public speaking. In football, Joe was selected in the first round of the NFL draft as the seventh overall pick by the Atlanta Falcons. In business, Joe’s multimedia company — CII — was selected three consecutive times by INC.500 magazine as one of the fastest-growing, privately-held companies in America with sales over $100 million.

In literary production, he has published 16 kids’ books and is the author of “Fields of Success-Raised Expectations.” As a public speaker, Joe’s message captures the attention of any audience and inspires them to buy into the vision of the organization, improving the overall quality of their success.

A career-changing injury during the fourth game of his first season forced him to develop a new perspective on life’s ever-changing realities and helped turn his focus away from the football field to different vocations and tasks.

For the past few years, Dr. Profit has worked extensively in the field of health and wellness. As a result, he has networked with some of the NFL’s top neurologists in Atlanta, Georgia, on a clinical study involving the effects of concussions, early dementia, and various forms of depression in former NFL players.

Dr. Joe Profit is one of the most powerful network marketers in America. The most decorated leader you will ever meet. Named entrepreneur of the Year by Ernest & Young, (one of the largest professional service firms in the nation)

Profit has also been featured in: USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Monroe News Star, News Star World, The Shreveport Louisiana Times, Shreveport Journal, The Gadsden Times, The Anniston Star, Atlanta Constitution, Gwinnett Daily Post, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Associated Press, Essence Magazine and many other national and international publications.


A career-changing injury occurred during the fourth game of his first season with the Falcons gave them a new perspective of life’s ever change in realities and helped him turn his focus from the football field to transforming into the business , health and wellness field. For the past few years Dr. Profit has work with some of the NFL approved top neurologist in Atlanta Georgia in a clinical study involving the effects of concussions, early dementia and various forms of depression in some NFL players.



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